Misbah Reshi

Misbah Reshi is a final year law student at Campus Law Centre, Faculty of Law, University of Delhi. She completed her bachelors from St. Stephen’s College with honors in Philosophy. She is an incoming student at the University of Oxford where she will be studying on the Rhodes Scholarship. Misbah has contributed to various reportsContinue reading “Misbah Reshi”

Gayathree Devi KT

Gayathree is a DPhil in Law candidate at the University of Oxford. Her work on international responsibility for human rights violations committed by de facto regimes is being supervised Dr Miles Jackson and Dr Efthymios Papastavridis. Gayathree is a tutor in public international law for visiting students at Hertford College. She is also Co-Convenor of the Oxford Transitional Justice Research Group, a GraduateContinue reading “Gayathree Devi KT”

Suhail Rashid Bhat

Suhail is a human rights advocate, legal researcher, and law teacher with 4 years of experience. During his practice as an advocate, he has been part of important constitutional cases before the Supreme Court and High Courts. Some of his legal advocacy projects include disability rights, children with special needs, the lynching of minorities, andContinue reading “Suhail Rashid Bhat”

Sameer Rashid Bhat

Sameer Rashid Bhat is a Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) candidate in Public Policy at the Blavatnik School of Government, University of Oxford. He is pursuing his doctoral studies on the Rhodes Scholarship and the Clarendon Fund Scholarship. Before his DPhil, Sameer read for the MSc in Global Governance and Diplomacy (2019-20) at the Department ofContinue reading “Sameer Rashid Bhat”

Zaid Deva

Zaid is an LLM Candidate and a Felix scholar at the SOAS University of London where he is currently studying the role of constitutions in conflict zones with a focus on constitution-making in the Kashmir region.   He completed his B.A. LL.B. (Hons.) from Gujarat National Law University in 2020. His most recent internship was atContinue reading “Zaid Deva”

Sahiba Maqbool

Sahiba Maqbool is Doctoral Student at La Trobe University, Melbourne. Her research focuses on a critique of international law particularly international humanitarian law based on the perspectives of the people of Jammu and Kashmir, and the Third World Approaches to International Law (TWAIL). She has previously taught at various law schools in India including JindalContinue reading “Sahiba Maqbool”

Madeeha Majid

Madeeha Majid is a public international lawyer, hailing from Kashmir, and currently based in the Hague, Netherlands. Madeeha has graduated cum-laude from the Advanced Masters in Public International Law LL.M. programme (specialisation: Peace, Justice, and Development) of Leiden University, in the Netherlands (2020). Prior to this, she completed a 5-year integrated law degree (B.A.LL.B. Hons.) with distinctionContinue reading “Madeeha Majid”

Khawja Hasnain

Hasnain is a Kashmiri lawyer. He pursued his bachelor’s degree in law (B.A. LL.B.) from the University of Kashmir, Srinagar. During his law school, he was the Vice-President of the Law Society. After briefly practicing in the High Court of Jammu and Kashmir, he was awarded the Chevening Scholarship to pursue his LLM degree in HumanContinue reading “Khawja Hasnain”