Fer Ghanaa Ansari

Fer Ghanaa Ansari is an LL.M. candidate at Harvard Law School on the Fulbright scholarship, and currently also a Research Associate at the Research Society of International Law, Pakistan. She is also an independent researcher for a UN Human Rights Treaty Impact Study, which was being led by the late Mr. Christof Heyns, former UNContinue reading “Fer Ghanaa Ansari”

Mariyeh Mushtaq

Mariyeh Mushtaq is an independent researcher and artist based in Kashmir. She is mainly interested in the intersection of art, academia, and activism. Mariyeh is a graduate of IPCW, University of Delhi and completed her Masters last year in Gender, Sexuality & Culture from Birkbeck, University of London. Mariyeh’s research focusses on feminist activism, gender,Continue reading “Mariyeh Mushtaq”

Ifsha Zehra

Ifsha Zehra is a researcher based out of Kashmir. She has been a fellow at Salzburg Global Academy, Austria, a Charpak Scholar at Sciences Po, Paris and is a Mother Teresa Fellow at Ashoka University. Presently, she is based in Kashmir and her work is focussed on feminist activism and advocacy of socio-political issues concerningContinue reading “Ifsha Zehra”

Adeela Firdous

Adeela Firdous is a Kashmiri lawyer and is currently working as a Law and Advocacy officer with a Delhi based organisation, Citizens Against Hate (CAH), Misaal where she focused on minority rights. She graduated from the Faculty of Law, University of Kashmir in 2020. As an independent researcher, Adeela has presented papers on the working ofContinue reading “Adeela Firdous”

Nusrat Farooq

Nusrat is an engineer turned public administration graduate from School of International and Public Affairs (SIPA), Columbia University. She concentrates in Economic and Political Development and specializes in Data Analytics and Quantitative Analysis. She is passionate about causes related to education, peace-building, gender, conflict-resolution, and social media.  In furthering these causes, she has worked withContinue reading “Nusrat Farooq”

Zara Bakshi

Zara Bakshi is a feminist researcher and activist based in Kashmir. Her main research interests include a de-colonial approach to the study of mental health which is rooted in specific cultural contexts.  Zara is a graduate from IPCW, University of Delhi and she completed her MA in Psychology from Ashoka University. Her research thesis exploredContinue reading “Zara Bakshi”

Misbah Haqani

Misbah Haqani is a public health researcher based in Srinagar, Kashmir. Her work lies at the intersection of science, technology and society. After completing her postgraduation in biomedical sciences, she has been involved in research work on the themes of health and militarism. Misbah takes a decolonial and feminist approach to understand health and itsContinue reading “Misbah Haqani”