Nusrat Farooq

Nusrat Farooq

Nusrat is an engineer turned public administration graduate from School of International and Public Affairs (SIPA), Columbia University. She concentrates in Economic and Political Development and specializes in Data Analytics and Quantitative Analysis. She is passionate about causes related to education, peace-building, gender, conflict-resolution, and social media. 

In furthering these causes, she has worked with Human Rights Clinic at Columbia Law School, Inter-Media–a London-based conflict resolution and mediation organization, professor Tamar Mitts on social media and extremism, United National Children’s Emergency Fund (UNICEF-India). Before joining SIPA, she worked as a Project Manager at India Institute—a non-governmental public policy think tank in Delhi, India. She is an alumnus of International Academy for Leadership (IAF), Germany. She is also a core member of Women’s Regional Network-India (WRN-India).

Nusrat occasionally blogs at Kashmir Commentary and tweets @nusfarooq.

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