Misbah Haqani

Misbah Haqani

Misbah Haqani is a public health researcher based in Srinagar, Kashmir. Her work lies at the intersection of science, technology and society. After completing her postgraduation in biomedical sciences, she has been involved in research work on the themes of health and militarism. Misbah takes a decolonial and feminist approach to understand health and its determinants.  She is particularly inclined towards understanding the socio-political and historical determinants of health, sickness and wellbeing in women living in insecurity and conflict. Her work is informed by the socio-political and historical context of Kashmir. Looking at health as a politically charged subject, she aims to move beyond the biological confines of a body to locate the factors that determine how healthy or unhealthy a person is. Misbah cares deeply about people’s right to live healthy lives and is committed to trans-sectional and trans-national research that contributes meaningfully towards building a healthier environment for all.

Misbah tweets at @misbahhaqani and can be reached at misbahhaqani07@gmail.com.

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