Mariyeh Mushtaq

Mariyeh Mushtaq

Mariyeh Mushtaq is an independent researcher and artist based in Kashmir. She is mainly interested in the intersection of art, academia, and activism.

Mariyeh is a graduate of IPCW, University of Delhi and completed her Masters last year in Gender, Sexuality & Culture from Birkbeck, University of London. Mariyeh’s research focusses on feminist activism, gender, militarisation and precarity. She also wrote a chapter in the report ‘Disintegration at Gunpoint’ titled ‘Enforced Homelessness: Collective Dispossession and Punishment in Kashmir’ published by the Kashmir Reading Room in 2020. She is a recipient of the Creative Activism Award 2021 by Cultures of Resistance Network for her digital art project, Kashmir Pop Art –which makes use of contemporary surrealism through mixed-media illustrations, digital collage and photography. 

Mariyeh tweets @mariyehparveen

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