Madeeha Majid

Madeeha majid

Madeeha Majid is a public international lawyer, hailing from Kashmir, and currently based in the Hague, Netherlands. Madeeha has graduated cum-laude from the Advanced Masters in Public International Law LL.M. programme (specialisation: Peace, Justice, and Development) of Leiden University, in the Netherlands (2020). Prior to this, she completed a 5-year integrated law degree (B.A.LL.B. Hons.) with distinction from a National Law University in Punjab, India (2019). 

Madeeha has broad experience in legal research and analysis and has contributed to projects on Digital Evidence in International Criminal Law, investigative standards pertaining to the domestic prosecution of international crimes in the Gambia, international law capacity-building  (in The Gambia and Afghanistan), Religion and IHL, and a UN assisted project on Torture and Enforced Disappearances in Kashmir. Recently, Madeeha has also worked as a research consultant with the Kofi Annan Foundation, Geneva, and the UNDP.  

Madeeha’s work focuses on the prosecution of international crimes, international humanitarian law, conflict, peace, and security, gender rights, and human rights law. Madeeha is also involved with advocacy on refugee policies and practices within the EU.

Madeeha can be found on LinkedIn.

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