Fer Ghanaa Ansari

Fer Ghanaa Ansari

Fer Ghanaa Ansari is an LL.M. candidate at Harvard Law School on the Fulbright scholarship, and currently also a Research Associate at the Research Society of International Law, Pakistan. She is also an independent researcher for a UN Human Rights Treaty Impact Study, which was being led by the late Mr. Christof Heyns, former UN Human Rights Committee member. Her interests include Human Rights Law, Business and Human Rights (BHR), Public International Law, and Constitutional Law.

Her work at RSIL includes projects with the Ministry of Human Rights, the ABA, the UNODC, and the UNDP involving research in the domestic implementation of international human rights obligations, criminal law reform, capacity-building of prosecutors, judges and the police, Countering Terrorism Financing and Anti-Money Laundering as well as Pakistan’s compliance with FATF recommendations.

She has also been a Research Associate at the Center of Excellence for International Law, a public sector research think-tank at National Defence University, Islamabad, where she wrote advisory policy papers for the civilian and military leadership on key issues of international law relating to Pakistan including territorial sovereignty, use of force and the law of armed conflict.

Fer Ghanaa tweets @AnsariFer and can be reached at fansari@llm21.law.harvard.edu

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